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Welcome to The POWER of Small Business! The only program dedicated to inspiring DEBT FREE small business start-ups and motivating experienced entrepreneurs with real life stories from the trenches. Join your fellow free enterprise enthusiasts as we strengthen the Backbone of America!
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Welcome to The POWER of Small Business!

The only program dedicated to inspiring DEBT FREE small business start-ups and motivating experienced entrepreneurs with real life stories from the trenches.

Join your fellow free enterprise enthusiasts as we strengthen the Backbone of America!

Aug 29, 2018

We've spent the last few weeks talking about hiring the right person for your company. The commonly overlooked person is the US Veteran. Their training, worth hundreds of thousands of your tax payer dollars, is going to waste because employers are only giving them the hard to fill jobs that nobody wants. That is the symptom. Today, we will use history starting in WWII to determine WHY this is happening.

Aug 22, 2018

The socialist culture discussed last week meets the hiring process head on. How do you communicate a capitalist working vision to socialist workers? And then how do you show those same workers that you actually care, a requirement for them to stay? Unfortunately, the message broadcast, through actions, that your issues are outside the office. While here, we own you. But when leadership that the leaders TRULY care both in words and actions the workers, even the socialist ones, tend to work harder.

Jul 11, 2018

In this episode, Robert "Cujo" Teschner gives more insights into the debrief focused approach, including more information on the studies supporting it and examples of recent success stories applying the Debrief Focused Approach in business today. To learn more about the Debrief Focused Approach, visit and

May 16, 2018

In today's society, businesses are only 20% likely to get to the point where they hire employees. Most, according to various studies are destined to fail by the end of their 10th year. How do we change that trend? Join us as we explore what is required to change a culture of destined to fail into a culture of destined to succeed.

May 9, 2018

In a time where 7 of 10 businesses fail in the first 10 years, when the majority of businesses never grow beyond 1 person operations, we explore a powerful tool that will help you grow. We discuss how in addition to helping others through the Vietnam 50 year celebration events, you can end up helping yourself as you have the opportunity to network with other successful business owner.

May 2, 2018

Met Rob "Cujo" Teschner, President and CEO of VMAX Group LLC. We explore how the Debrief Focused Approach was founded in the Air Force, taught to both Steve Olds and Cujo in the 27th Fighter Squadron and followed them through their careers. Cujo is now bringing the debrief focused approach to small business, as studies have proven that the methodology can increase productivity by 20%. Learn the key cultural aspects required to make a debrief focused approach to leadership a viable solution in your small business.

Apr 25, 2018

How did the Blue Angels become the best at what they do?  How can you apply those principles to your business? Join us as we explore through the events at the Vero Beach Air Show and apply the leadership principles to day to day life. Then we go through a thought exercise to help you focus on what really matters most as you make your business as successful as possible.

Dec 2, 2015

In Episode 34, we are going to start to get our arms around the practical elements of this National Restoration Project. Imagine you are invited by one of your colleagues to put your business skills to the test. What would you do if YOU were tasked to design, build and execute a National Restoration Project whose objective is MAKING AMERICA STRONG AGAIN before 2020.

How would you create a free market solution to be operated nationwide and more specifically have a licensed chapter in each of the 3141 counties, independent cities and parishes that make up our 50 United States?

What would you do to build and maintain a private, financially self-sufficient company without using a dime of taxpayer money, government support or non-profit donations? If the business model requires a minimum of 10% of American citizens be active members and each member be registered to vote, how exactly would you get this done before 2020? At the end of the day, this is exactly what PATRIOT MISSION is doing and we have a long way to go. Let your mind wander and think about how you can help solve these big challenges!

Nov 18, 2015

What happens when successful military leaders bring their Warrior Spirit to the civilian world? Join guest host David Wolf of SmallBiz America, and learn how two very successful men served their nation as well as local and global businesses.  In today's episode, you will meet Steve Young, a senior business executive with broad experience in divisions of a Fortune 20 company and retired Major General Joe Balskus who served America for over 35 years while also becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Steve Young served as CEO of an international, $100M public company, had full P&L responsibilities in acquiring, building, restructuring and growing manufacturing, distribution and service businesses. Steve's first career as a Naval officer serving on submarines positioned him well for his big business and entrepreneurial experience.

Major General Joe Balskus served the United States Air Force and the Florida Air National Guard. He is broadly known as a superb motivational / leadership speaker and strategic planner. In addition to his success in the military, Joe was the owner and CEO of one of North Florida’s largest nursing staff relief and homecare agencies for over eight years before its acquisition by a national healthcare provider.

Nov 11, 2015

In this Veterans Day 2015 Edition of the Patriot Podcast, we take the opportunity to explore why and how those who have served in the armed forces can work effectively alongside entrepreneurs in creative ways that will be successful at MAKING AMERICA STRONG AGAIN. In order to effectively study this process, we must understand the paradigm through which we look at veterans and business owners.

Do we see what's different or do we see what they have in common? Veterans and Entrepreneurs share what we call the Warrior Spirit. When Battlefield and Marketplace Warriors come together to serve America, what do you think will happen?

Do you think we will see more unity at the grassroots level or will we continue to separate ourselves along countless lines of demarcation? Listen to learn more about this unique time in American history that requires warriors to work together against the tyrannical enemies of a weak economy, a divided America and fading national pride.

Nov 4, 2015

Why does Political Influence Matter? Have you heard anyone say, I’m not political? What does that really mean? I prefer to turn over complete control of my life to someone else to make the decisions. Or maybe it means, I want a cradle to grave, government controlled society that takes care of me. What does it mean to you?

In today's episode, we explore the need for knowledge, understanding and getting a firm grasp of the importance of liberty as well as non-partisan solutions to our future. We also examine the consequences of losing our liberty. We spend a few minutes to define LIBERTY and we evaluate how our nation is doing on a 1 to 100 scale.

We focus our last segment on answering the key question we have often asked on this program; "What can I do for America, RIGHT NOW, that will really make a difference?" There is an answer to this question, especially for creating the overwhelming political influence required to complete the task of MAKING AMERICA STRONG AGAIN! 

Oct 28, 2015

US Army Brigadier General Robert Stewart had service in his DNA, following his Dad and Uncles who served in World War II. In his early career as an Army Lieutenant, he flew choppers in Vietnam for over 1000 combat hours. BGEN Stewart then expanded his career by becoming an experimental test pilot, flying 38 different types of aircraft.

Then one day, he stepped up and simply applied for a job from a flyer hanging on a bulletin board at work. What was the job? To be one of 35 men selected to fly on the early Space Shuttles! What does it take to be selected as one of 35 men out of 24,000 applicants? 

During every phase of his career and family life, General Stewart has looked at the man in the mirror and worked his absolute best to lead his team, serve his nation and do the best job he could. Join us to learn about leadership at 17,500 MPH, one million feet above earth as General Stewart tell us what it was like on one of the early shuttle spacewalks! 

Oct 21, 2015

Obviously, this show is dedicated to MAKING AMERICA STRONG AGAIN and studying key factors in our quest. This analysis starts as each of us ponders the person in the mirror. What are our skills, passions and desires? Do we intend to become a leader or are we satisfied with following. Life is not stagnant, so we must each decide whether we are going to pursue our goals or just let the wind carry us wherever it blows.

Among our population are a small percentage of people who choose to serve the public in very unique ways. They volunteer for scary propositions. Every day they put their uniforms on, whether they are wearing law enforcement gear, firefighting protective equipment or military combat fatigues, they consciously put their lives between danger and us. These are HEROES. They are men and women who choose to stand and confront scenarios that we only see in Hollywood productions.

What happens when one of our heroes who is the epitome of servant leadership, especially a military veteran, decides to transition to the civilian world?

What paradigm do they use to see their new work environment, and more importantly, how does the business community view our transitioning heroes? While we could catalog many differences between their line of work and a small business environment, let's look at the value of their experience through the Leadership paradigm. In today's episode, that is precisely where we'll go in order to explore the massive talent pool available to the private sector.... if we are looking through an accurate paradigm!

Oct 14, 2015

In recent episodes we have examined the power of paradigms to solve America's biggest challenges. If we look at problems as impossible, then there is a strong likelihood that we will never solve them. If, on the other hand, we believe there are solutions and we can create them, the brain starts to find answers.

What is the normal reaction when a family or business decides that is needs to reduce financial stress?  One option is to reduce expenses and another option is to increase income. How does a family make that happen? Add a second or third job? Reduce discretionary spending?

A third option is to tap into what we call entrepreneurial innovation. When a family decides to start a small business, this immediately provides tax benefits when we are in pursuit of a profit. The beauty of starting a small business is that you immediately have  the option of pursuing your dream by serving others with a profitable product or service... and IF you have the paradigm of a servant leader, then your for-profit plan is to serve your new clients.


Oct 7, 2015

What is a paradigm? In simple terms, it is the way we something or a pattern. Consider the paradigm most Americans have about work. What is their frame of reference? Arthur Brooks, a PhD economist and the President of the American Enterprise Institute describes two very different views or paradigms of work in his new book, The Conservative Heart; one as a punishment and the other as a blessing.

Imagine the difference this fundamental paradigm creates in the mind and in the marketplace. If you are going to help solve America's mega-economic challenge with 94 Million people out of the workforce, which paradigm will serve our citizens the best? Well it depends on how you look at work. Do you want your fellow Americans to be blessed or punished? Now consider all the spin-off challenges in these two radically different perspectives. 

What must America do to create a WIN - WIN - WIN strategy to solve our economic challenges? Suppose we create a new paradigm that taps into the raw horsepower of new ideas, creative teamwork and entrepreneurial innovation. There is enormous leverage when we combine the skills of experience, the thrill of a start-up and the imagination of youth. The real question is not whether we can rebuild the economy, but rather, do we want to?

Sep 30, 2015

What is at the heart of a true leader? A servant leader truly puts the needs of the organization ahead of their own. Those who have a passion to serve create a positive attitude for the organization and make an infectious impact on others.

Have you been part of an organization where the story you heard about originally which sounded great, doesn't match the reality. This is what happens when the leader does not have the strength of character to maintain the integrity of the mission.

In this week's episode, we'll explore a number of the ways to promote servant leadership throughout an organization, community and a nation at large. There are a number of big upsides to individuals, families and groups when leaders seek to serve others before themselves. Listen to learn how this powerful, personal style translates to high-impact, PATRIOT LEADERSHIP.

Sep 23, 2015

In recent episodes we've looked at how personal, organizational, small business and community leadership is crucial to MAKING AMERICA STRONG AGAIN. Each have a compounding effect on our town, county, state and ultimately the nation. A crucial element of our leadership role as American Citizens is political influence and how our influence impacts the safety, security and future of our nation. 

PATRIOT MISSION's 5th LIBERTY Principle is as follows: We Believe Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are put at tremendous RISK by those who reject capitalism and promote excessive public spending. Why is America at risk because of excessive public spending? There are many answers to this question, but the example shared in today's broadcast is the impact on our front line warriors.

The politicians we elect make decisions about spending the taxpayer's money. The decisions they make, which ultimately we the citizenry allow to happen, are either Making America Stronger or weaker. We may catch a sound byte about these decisions in the news, but most people have no idea how those decisions affect our front line warriors who are tasked with protecting our Lives, Liberty and our Pursuit of Happiness. Listen to this show and you'll have a different perspective.

Sep 16, 2015

In the preceding episodes of the Leadership Series, we've examined key elements of the Leader's mindset. Leaders must have a desire to personally learn and improve their skills. In our view they must also lead from the servant's perspective. In other words, a Servant Leader has a passion to help others knowing full well that when they do, their lives will be enriched.

In episode 23, we will start to examine a practical idea that we believe is crucial to MAKING AMERICA STRONG AGAIN. There are 94 million people out of today's work force. How much talent, skill, insight and wisdom are within that group. What if we could tap into The POWER of Small Business to create a unique strategy to serve those who are out of the work force, while at the same time serving small business Founders?

Regardless of your experience, if you are willing to learn, share what you know and/or take counsel from those around you regardless of their age or background, then your life will be enriched, both personally and professionally. No matter what your goals, the problems you are attempting to solve, your time or financial constraints, when servant leaders work together, magic happens.

Sep 9, 2015

Leadership comes in many different forms, from a wide variety of people. When we discuss Military Leadership throughout history, we often hear stories of senior officers or those who have been recognized for brave acts of heroism. However, leadership is not limited to just a handful of service members.

According to the Army Field Manual 7-22.7 among other leadership duties, "The Non-Commissioned Offers (NCO) teaches individual and collective training, develops unit cohesion, fosters the values of loyalty and commitment and builds spirit and confidence."

In this episode, you'll meet an NCO with an amazing story. Sergeant Christopher Vars was an NCO who led his team in battle in the Korean War near the Chosin Reservoir during the harsh winter of 1950. Learn how Sgt Vars distinguished himself on the battlefield and why his family waited 65 years to welcome their war hero home from a land far away.  

Sep 8, 2015

Throughout our Leadership Series, we've examined different stages of Leadership Development from the moment we challenge the person in the mirror to the decisions we make that impact our personal and professional lives. In Episode 21, we begin to look at the way our experiences can shape the future of other people.

Drew Miles is a successful entrepreneur, attorney and mentor. Throughout his career he has focused on asking tough questions and when there were no go answers, he created solutions. While building a strong company from start-up through rapid expansion into a streamlined, process centric, service based business model, Drew has learned incredible lessons.

What is unique about Drew is that he didn't wait until retirement to start mentoring others. Drew learned how to challenge those inside and outside his organization and invests his time and resources to serve others with personal and course-driven mentoring. You will be inspired to learn how sowing into others' lives can not only help them, but will change your life in incredible ways!

Aug 28, 2015

Why did a successful businessman who lived 8000 miles from the United States of America invest more than a decade of his life to become a naturalized US Citizen? In episode 20, we continue our leadership series with Greg Land who drills down into the personal motivations that led him to move to America and eventually bear the burden of the immigration process to become a citizen.

Greg grew up in South Africa during the very contentious time of Apartheid. He witnessed massive civil unrest as his homeland struggled with a transition to a new government. Many citizens feared for their safety and were uncertain about the future of their country.

Greg's professional development led him into the fruit trade and he became a successful international business man. He traveled all over the world marketing and selling his commodoties as well as learning about other cultures. Greg shares why his experience was so meaningful & the Leadership Lessons his fellow Americans can apply as we decide our future.


Aug 25, 2015

When faced with a crisis of leadership, the last place most people look for answers is in the mirror. In this compelling discussion, Dan Romance shares his perspective on what it took to make big changes in his life. The good news is that Dan's insight begins with the 'Man in the Mirror' and establishing priorities for longevity.

If you want to start down a track of personal leadership development, where can you tap into world-class resources ... without top-shelf pricing?

In Episode 19, you'll learn where to look and how to apply what you discover in this quick-paced discussion. Dan shares very personal experiences about the way his decisions affected his family in powerful ways. You will be inspired to 'Look in Your Mirror' and make crucial decisions that can change your life today... and every day of your life!

Aug 20, 2015

What are the Leadership perspectives of a man or woman who volunteers to serve the United States of America for more than three decades?

What motivates an American to choose to put their own life and future at risk in the service of others?After you meet Rudy Laco, a retired US Navy Captain, you'll have a keen insight into these questions.

Rudy served as the Commodore of a US Navy Destroyer Squadron, had command of multiple ships, played an integral leadership role on the US Navy Ship Comfort during the Haiti Earthquake Rescuse Mission while building his family. You'll learn about his upbringing and special lessons he learned from his parents and grandparents that positioned Rudy to take advantage of the opportunites America offers.

Leadership lessons come in many forms and you will be excited to hear from a veteran how he was able to shape the future, not only for his family and himself, but for every one of the men and women who served under Rudy's command. Enjoy!

Aug 11, 2015

John Maxwell says; "Everything rises and falls on leadership!" I could not agree more. In today's episode, we begin to explore what it means to be a servant leader and how mentoring can plan a crucial role in leadership development.

America needs transformational leaders who understand the challenging times we face. We need leaders who are willing to step up and study the founding of our nation so we can develop leaders at every level of our nation.

In the upcoming episodes, you'll meet amazing leaders who will share their personal experiences and discuss crucial leadership lessons in their personal and professional lives. Be sure to tune in each week and share these ideas with everyone who wants to improve their leadership skills.

Aug 2, 2015

In Episode 15 we examined the reasons why an individual citizen chooses to Celebrate America NOW! In today's 16th episode, we'll explore how we can build team and effectively collaborate in local markets to make a big difference.  

PATRIOT MISSION is Protecting our Nation’s Liberty and Preserving the America Dream through The POWER of Small Business.

Leaders set the standard with their words, actions and focus. America requires strong grassroots leaders who are confident in themselves and what they believe in order to restore the nation's belief in our Founding Principles.

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