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Welcome to The POWER of Small Business! The only program dedicated to inspiring DEBT FREE small business start-ups and motivating experienced entrepreneurs with real life stories from the trenches. Join your fellow free enterprise enthusiasts as we strengthen the Backbone of America!
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Welcome to The POWER of Small Business!

The only program dedicated to inspiring DEBT FREE small business start-ups and motivating experienced entrepreneurs with real life stories from the trenches.

Join your fellow free enterprise enthusiasts as we strengthen the Backbone of America!

Dec 20, 2017

Note - At about 20:00 for about 45 seconds there is a period of static.

How did 2017 turn out for you? Was is a good, fair, fabulous, marginal or horrible? Why? In some cases, there are circumstances beyond our control that impact our lives, but in most cases the results you've experienced in 2017 are a direct result of the person in the mirror.

Stephen Covey spoke about our ability to choose our response in any circumstance, even when they are not of our making. 'RESPONSE-ABILITY' is the ability to respond. Many people in this day and age look in the mirror and choose to respond as a victim. The challenge is that they are blinded to the fact, their victim status is self-imposed. 

In Episode 124, we go through specific examples of life experiences that everyone can relate to and examine how to use them to empower you. As you look back at the last year, no matter how things were, you can take those lessons and leverage them to create a great future.

Dec 13, 2017

If you were going to reverse the failure rate of small business, how would you do it? Over recent decades, according to the US Small Business Administration, only 30% of new ventures survive past their tenth birthday. That is a travesty. There are tremendous resources available that could help most companies survive and thrive. Why don't they?

In many cases, it's simply a matter of a new entrepreneur's emotion and not having any idea what they don't know. In other words, the new small business owner has plenty of enthusiasm with which to launch the venture, but not enough understanding and knowledge to profitably survive.

Veterans are a group that statistically tend to be more successful. What if you could tap into the experiences of veterans from earlier combat generations, like Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm, and teach their post-war learning from the entrepreneurial trenches to new veterans? Then suppose you could document their experiences and bundle them with the best training across America and streamline it's availability? Could you reverse the failure rate? We think so...

Nov 29, 2017

Meet Sharlene Hawkes, master storyteller and President of Remember of My Service. Sharlene's early career begin on-camera as a media personality with ESPN uncovering the passion and dreams behind world-class athletes and sports organizations. Sharlene discovered how much most top performers never reveal in a standard interview.

Sharlene has made a career out of uncovering the hidden experiences that define unsung heroes. In recent years, she has partnered with military units to tell their stories, past and present, in a way families and future organizational members can cherish. History can be lost if it's not captured and communicated powerfully. 

Sharlene's flagship project is the Vietnam War's 50th Commemoration. She and her team of talented publishers, filmmakers, media specialists and sponsors have partnered with national non-profit organizations to give a commemorative gift to each of the 7.9 Million Vietnam Veterans and their families.

Nov 22, 2017

You've probably heard the expression; "I can't see the forest for the trees." That is the case for most small business start-ups, especially when it comes to raising investment capital for a new venture. How can a new entrepreneur learn to look at their 'baby' objectively? Why is it crucial to be cold and calculating when it comes to your investors?

Understanding your business financials is essential to success. Also making sure you do right things in the right order sets you up for success. That's why we explore the reasons learning to think like an investor during entrepreneurial apprenticeship is absolutely critical for success.

Another key to strengthening America's economy is to recruit a higher percentage of transitioning military veterans to launch new ventures. In Episode 121 we drill down into the statistics that prove the combination of apprenticeship and veteran owned small businesses can rapidly accelerate the Backbone of America!

Nov 15, 2017

When we asked young people what they believed their first task would be should they decide to start their own company, the number one response was overwhelming; BORROW MONEY. The followup question left them speechless; "What would you do if it was illegal to go into debt to start a small business?"

In Episode 120 we drill into this idea both from philosophical and practical points of view. When you understand the real impact of starting your business with a significant debt burden, it becomes clear why it is a bad idea. There is a time and a sound way to raise investment capital to grow a company, but that is a completely different conversation.

What most entrepreneurial apprentices don't realize is there are two tax codes; one for employees and one for business owners. While you are in the early stages of apprenticeship, we recommend you keep your day job for multiple reasons, not the least of which are the tax benefits. Listen in to get all the scoop.

Nov 8, 2017

How many times have you attended a workshop on time management only to be told once again how important it is to make time on your calendar for those people who are important to you? Yes, spouse, children, family and important friends. If you don't, you'll regret it. Yeah... we've all heard it, but how do you really do it?

In Episode 119, we drill into a very specific, time-tested process to guarantee you create balance in your life for your top priorities. You'll see how to incorporate these plans to ensure you keep the romance alive in your marriage or with your significant other. Then you'll be amazed to discover the same skills apply to another often overlooked skill set necessary for successful entrepreneurship.

What is your physical fitness strategy? Have you identified a specific plan that addresses your motivation, exercise and nutrition requirements so you can achieve success in life... while you are succeeding in business. This is extremely important and easy... that is it can be easy to do... and easy not to do. Listen in and you'll have a strategy to physical fitness success in your life.

Nov 1, 2017

How many people do you know that get fired up about studying history? Those numbers likely drop dramatically if you were to ask type-A small business owners to shut down their company for a few hours to study the impact of America's Founders on entrepreneurship.

While this scenario isn't likely, the takeaway points we discuss in Episode 118 begin with key decisions America's Founders made that are crucial to our ability to create ventures. Constitutional provisions ensure we can own the result of our ideas and hard work.

The Founders set a new standard for a fledgling nation and leaders who would follow over the centuries. Continuously developing and improving principle based personal leadership skills is an absolute requirement for success. Which skills should you focus on? After this program, you'll have a much better idea.

Oct 25, 2017

Do you remember the first time you got the twinge of entrepreneurial interest... the first moment you thought about the idea of actually working for yourself and controlling your financial future? It's pretty intoxicating, isn't it? I know it was for me.

In Episode 117 we take a look at the first questions a new entrepreneurial apprentice needs to consider if they are going to seriously pursue the world of small business. This mindset is something few talk about because it's not nearly as sexy as the latest shiny object, but is much more important to long term viability.

We also walk through a simple, and scientifically validated process for you to understand exactly what your strengths are and why it's crucial to focus on them. The business applications for this are many, but there are just as many ramifications to your personal life.

Oct 4, 2017

Over the last several weeks, we have talked about the way small business leaders operate during natural disasters like the hurricanes and fires America has been fighting. Now, we find ourselves responding to an unconscionable act in the Las Vegas massacre.

While many will focus on the pure evil that was the perpetrator, and reasons why he may have committed this unspeakable act, we will focus on the actions of fellow Americans. In the moment, while many panicked, others stayed strong and served others... some sacrificing their own lives to protect strangers.

In the days, weeks and months to follow, the business community, small, medium and large, will serve Las Vegas. Entrepreneurs will find creative ways to help heal their home town and others will reach out to deliver kindness in many forms to Las Vegas. Entrepreneurs' penchant for service shines through even during the darkest times.

Sep 28, 2017

The mythology of Entrepreneurship frequently promotes the idea of a free spirit riding solo onto the open range of small business success. The reality is that successful entrepreneurs are solid team players and can be counted on to be calm, cool and collected while doing the many tasks required by fast moving, nimble companies.

This is even more true when disaster strikes. Successful entrepreneurs develop a strong sense of preparation, backup plans and flexibility. In cases, like recent hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, when there is time to get your house in order, most small business owners switch gears and are the steady rocks upon which most communities stand.

The media encourages people to panic and live in mortal fear. Rather than freaking out and screaming like 'Chicken Little' proclaiming the sky is falling, strong entrepreneurs serve their communities and lead people to safety, both during the disaster and after.

Sep 20, 2017

Small Business Acceleration can be a lot of fun when everything is going well. The challenge is that nothing ever goes according to plan. How well are you prepared to handle emergency circumstances, whether they are personal, business or within your support network? In Episode 114, we'll review real world situations and how to respond.

Much like flying an airplane, building your business is thrilling. However, when you lose an engine on takeoff, what was exciting a minute ago can be terrifying in the moment. The same thing is true when you are facing unexpected circumstances, whether those are natural disasters or other problems.

Your preparation and ability to respond to stressful situations will determine your company's future. If you panic like most of the rest of the world, it won't go well for you. If you keep a cool head (because you have planned well) then you are much more likely to make it through the rough air, as you continually improve your organization.

Sep 2, 2017

Small business is not static. 500,000 new companies start every year, 80% of which are single person operations. How many more people do you believe are 'thinking' about starting a new venture at any given time? 2 million? 5 million? Those numbers are pretty big... but the travesty is that two thirds of those companies ultimately fail.

In previous episodes, Steve Olds explained why the apprentice mindset is crucial to what he calls the Small Business Ecosystem. The apprentice must begin with 3 tough questions that ultimately lead them to be ready to build the absolute best business for them... with the right type of support.

In Episode 113, you'll learn why establishing an apprentice mindset at large drives stakeholders in every local community. Young apprentices can become mentors in a nano-second. The reason is because technology can be a great equalizer in the local, regional and national small business ecosystem. At the same time, older mentors can become apprentices in technology... this an other ideas are explored in this edition of The POWER of Small Business.


Aug 23, 2017

One of three critical factors that will determine the speed of SMALL BUSINESS ACCELERATION is an educated entrepreneur. Many people who start small businesses look more like the Tasmanian Devil from the old cartoon than a focused professional. The reason is simple. At the beginning of a small business, there is so much to learn.

The combination of enthusiasm for the new venture and the unbridled exuberance of working for themselves, can create interesting experiences. What should you be learning... and when you should plan to learn it? In Episode 112, Steve Olds looks at a strategy for learning that substantially increases retention through practical application.

How do you make sure you don't become the student who never knows enough to take action? You have to create a plan with benchmarks, boundaries and accountability. This is one reason why your mutual support network is essential and in today's show you'll learn how to chunk your plan down to actionable steps. 

Aug 9, 2017

Entrepreneurship can be a very emotional topic. Money is traditionally the motivator that launches most new small businesses. There is a direct correlation between the mindset of the new small business owner and long term success.

In Episode 111, Steve Olds drills into the entrepreneurial apprentice mindset and why it is foundational to the success of a small business. However, it's important to realize the mindset is applicable not only at the beginning of an entrepreneur's new venture, but for his or her entire career.

If the lessons we learn in small business can be acquired more efficiently and quickly shared with other entrepreneurs, the new apprentice can accelerate free enterprise growth on a grand scale. Listen to this podcast to understand what it takes to adopt the mindset of the entrepreneurial apprentice.

Jul 26, 2017

When you study the Small Business Administration statistics on entrepreneurial survival past the 10 year point, you'll find that, on average, only three out of ten survive. Talk to most experienced entrepreneurs and you'll find that most have a lot of scar tissue. Why? Because building a profitable company that survives for the long term is tough.

If you look at the last 4 decades, the numbers have remained fairly constant, despite ups and downs in the economy. Is it necessary that we accept eight of ten businesses should crash and burn? It would seem that if we applied basic continuous improvement thinking to this problem, we should be able to yield a better result. Like most endeavors, the real key to understanding the failure rate is to look at what happens BEFORE the business launches.

Just like a traditional education, what you learn in high school builds on what you learned in middle and elementary school. If your basic skills are not solid, then it's likely you won't do well in secondary education. Small Business development is very similar... and there is a lot we can learn to improve the 33% survival rate... and we should learn it... NOW! 

Jul 19, 2017

When you leave high school or college, you typically have your sights set on a bright future. Sandi Capra decided to leave college life at Florida State University and pursue a business career in the insurance industry. Initially, Sandi thought she knew the kind of job she would enjoy. Then she discovered a whole new world.

Throughout an exciting early career, Sandi found herself married to an entrepreneur at the beginning of what would become a hyper-growth company. The experience working along side her former husband was a wild ride, growing a company from $400,000 a year with zero profit to a $70 Million juggernaut. Unfortunately, some parts of the trip were quite painful.

In Episode 109, you'll hear how Sandi applied those painful lessons to bundle her passion for veterans and dogs to serve the non-profit world in amazing ways. Sandi then found herself in private conversations with Chief Marketing Officers driving billion dollar budgets for Fortune 100 companies, which then led to planning and executing a successful non-profit launch in Washington DC, with 3.5 weeks notice... on Inauguration night!

Jul 12, 2017

We've all heard the old saying about turning lemons into lemonade. No matter what your circumstance, there are usually plenty of well-wishers standing by to share cute phrases and pretty pictures to encourage you. While the sentiment may be heartfelt, the challenge for many people is simply moving forward. Managing your personal stress is even more complicated when you are the leader of a small business. 

In Episode 108, you'll meet Tim Sullivan, a US Navy Veteran and fellow entrepreneur. Tim shares some very personal experiences that led to him leaving the service after a relatively brief enlistment and the harsh reality that awaited him in civilian life. Tim shares what 'HUSTLE' looks like in real life and how he kept creating lemonade despite seriously challenging circumstances.

If you've ever wondered (or are currently wondering) which entrepreneurial avenue is a good fit for you, Tim's insights into the lessons he learned in many different ventures will give you great comfort. Tim's journey finally led to a clear path illuminated by God's peace and forged by his perseverance and tenacity.

Jul 5, 2017

What's the difference between average and outstanding performance? There are as many answers to this question as there are experts selling books on the subject. Entrepreneurs, especially those preparing to launch a company or grow into a substantial growth phase, rarely ask themselves this question. Why?

Most small business owners are head-down, working inside their companies. They don't invest the time to step back and evaluate their performance versus the original benchmarks they established to measure success. A complicating factor is that most small business owners never establish clear benchmarks to evaluate their own performance WHEN THEY START-UP. Herein lies the problem.

In Episode 107, you'll meet Robert Teschner, President of VMAX Group, LLC. Rob's a former Air Force F15 / F22 Fighter Pilot who has adapted his personal and professional experiences into a proprietary process to optimize your performance in any size organization. Rob's unique insights will help you look at your capabilities in a whole new way (and be excited about the possibilities).

Jun 28, 2017

How many people believe the government has any money? The truth is the only money Washington has is what WE THE PEOPLE, aka the US Taxpayers, send in voluntarily. The US Treasury doesn't have any money sitting around to give you for your small business. However, by legally reducing your taxes, you get access to money that does not require grants, loans or giving away your firstborn child!

Here's a dirty little secret. There are two different tax codes in America; one for employees and one for business owners. If you've ever received a paycheck from your employer, you see all the line item deductions that go to various parts of the government. How much money is collected, how it's spent and policies that determine such actions is a discussion for another day.

In Episode 106, you'll meet two tax professionals, Lyssa Phifer, CPA and Steve Navarro, whose primary focus is helping Small Business Owners save 35-50% on their taxes by following the rules. For nearly two decades, their firm has helped save nearly 3/4 of a Billion dollars in taxes for companies ranging from start-up to hyper-growth... and they've done it without a single IRS deduction reversal! You'll be shocked to learn how you can keep more of your money working for you!

Jun 21, 2017

The POWER of Small Business begins and ends with people. That sounds like a standard promotional line, but the fact is the creativity, passion and pursuit of excellence drives a start-up small business like no other organization. If the Founder is not fired up and hungry to learn, then the odds of success are about zero.

In Episode 105, we will examine the first of what we call 7 Founding LIBERTY Principles. We believe the economic Backbone of America is powered by the Leadership of Small Business Founders, employees and their families. Whether you are building a small business alone with the person staring back at you in the mirror or running a thriving, fast-moving company,  your strong, personal leadership is essential.

You'll also learn in today's program why it's crucial to know your personal strengths... and not simply your opinion of your strengths. There are simple and scientific ways to know precisely where you are strong in different areas and you need to know in order to build an organization that complements your skills.

Jun 14, 2017

This is the first edition of the next generation of PATRIOT MISSION Radio and our new show, The POWER of Small Business. In today's episode, we will layout the premise of the show which is grounded in the horsepower small business in America creates. We will look at the hard numbers in simple-to-understand economic impact, like employment, new companies and value to America.

In our first show in this new season, we take a hard look at why helping entrepreneurs get started right is so important. The seductive voice of the small business siren can encourage you to take risks that are way out of proportion to the potential benefit. How do you begin to weigh risk versus gain? We'll discuss it.

POWER is an interesting word because it can represent many different things to different people. We'll examine a practical analogy between small business and vehicles of different types. In the analysis, we'll also draw out a few parallels from your daily life that may surprise you... especially when you slam the accelerator to the floor.

May 31, 2017

In January 2011, PATRIOT MISSION was born of a God-breathed vision to Rebuild America through The POWER of Small Business. Co-founders Steve Olds and Greg Land began to design a BOLD Blueprint to execute a simple process to help our fellow citizens understand the impact of entrepreneurship on the economy and by extension, their own lives.

In April 2014, we began to develop the idea that if we created programs to Celebrate America NOW and encourage new small businesses, we could play a major role in MAKING AMERICA STRONG AGAIN. We branded this concept and launched this radio show and podcast with the same name a year later in April 2015 to support this strategy.

By charter, PATRIOT MISSION is not a political organization, so after President Trump began to use similar language in his campaign, it became clear we needed to modify our message. We have decided to narrow our radio show focus on The POWER of Small Business. Our new show will incorporate key elements necessary to support entrepreneurial apprenticeship and recognize small business founders who work their guts out every day rebuilding the Backbone of America!


May 24, 2017

In Episode 102, we wrap up the third installment of a series featuring Donald Miller's 7 part StoryBrand framework. Today, we explore the two options that results from the Hero's decision when called to action.

What are the specific upsides for the Hero upon taking the prescribed action by the Guide? On the flip side, suppose the Hero of the Story decides to take an altogether different results.

Once you see how the 7 Step StoryBrand framwok fits together, you'll have insight which you can put to use right away.

May 17, 2017

Episode 101 is the second in a three part series exploring Donald Miller's 7-Part StoryBrand framework. In this program, we examine the transition our story's Hero goes through in an effort to solve three specific problems; an internal, external and philosophical. What the Hero needs to find is a Guide who can come alongside and offer empathetic and authoritative voice.

Once the Hero and Guide make a connection, the solution to the three specific problems requires a specific action plan. The Guide's task is to provide such a plan in simple terms, either as a process plan or an agreement plan.

Then the rubber meets the road when the Guide calls the Hero to action. Just because a plan exists that will solve internal, external and philosophical problems, it's worthless if the hero doesn't use it. The Guide must know how to inspire the Hero to take action.

May 10, 2017

Episode 100 begins a three-part series reviewing Donald Miller's StoryBrand Framework. This structure helps entrepreneurs understand and implement a consumer centric marketing message that communicates clearly.

The first step in the StoryBrand Framework is the hero of the story. Unlike most entrepreneurs who view themselves as the hero in their own story, Donald Miller helps us understand the client or prospective customer is the hero with particular wants and needs.

Step 2 in the framework drills down into the three different problems the hero of the story must contend with and how their needs translates to opportunity for the savvy entrepreneurs who serve their specific problems.

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