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Welcome to The POWER of Small Business! The only program dedicated to inspiring DEBT FREE small business start-ups and motivating experienced entrepreneurs with real life stories from the trenches. Join your fellow free enterprise enthusiasts as we strengthen the Backbone of America!
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Welcome to The POWER of Small Business!

The only program dedicated to inspiring DEBT FREE small business start-ups and motivating experienced entrepreneurs with real life stories from the trenches.

Join your fellow free enterprise enthusiasts as we strengthen the Backbone of America!

Dec 21, 2016

The impact of helping young people understand how to make an impact in their community is critical. In Episode 84 we reconnect with Mike McCreight and meet Ned Childress, leader of the Fort Pierce, Florida chapter of The Guardian Angels.

The Guardian Angels have become integrated into the fabric of the community. Since 1979, the non-profit, New York City based group, has been responsible for creating hundreds of safety patrols chapters throughout the United States and worldwide.

Guardian Angels are role models in the community and lead by example. They understand that problems of any community cannot be solved single-handedly and requires the cooperation of all its members. They recognize the need to foster community pride and civic mindedness to help remove many of the societal ills making safety patrol necessary.

Dec 14, 2016

Do you remember your 16th birthday? What type of celebration did you have? Did you get your driver's license and celebrate with your family? For many, that time of our lives was when we mapped out our future and began to make decisions about college and careers... and maybe our high school sweetheart.

How much fun would it be to celebrate your 16th birthday on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu? Now imagine you woke up on your 16th birthday... on December 7, 1941 as a United States Marine based at Pearl Harbor. Shortly after sunrise, you and your fellow Marines are preparing to raise the Colors when you look up and notice low flying planes and think to yourself... that's odd.

In Episode 83 you'll meet Bob Cook, 75 years after surviving his 16th birthday on Day 1 of World War II. Bob has an amazing story to tell from his first-hand experience. We'll also learn what Bob thinks FDR's greatest gift was and how it transformed his life. Please share this with every young person you know!

Dec 7, 2016

After the attack on Pearl Harbor December 7th, 1941, there was a steely RESOLVE shared by Americans from all walks of life welded together by the passionate desire for survival.

The Greatest Generation understood our nation's very existence was at stake. They responded to save America and our allies from evil forces who sought world domination. As we remember the Pearl Harbor attacks three quarters of a century ago, it's important to ask a question.

What WWII lessons can we apply NOW so future generations will value the untold sacrifices made by our veterans and civilians to win World War II? Young people of today need to understand the past and one of the best ways to learn is to meet people who lived it... but for World War II, time is of the essence.

Nov 30, 2016

Rekindling national pride means different things to different people. One of the best ways to make sure America's future is secure is help young people to make good decisions. Learning these lessons can be especially hard when they've had a tough childhood. Mike McCreight grew up in some challenging circumstances but has the blessing of people around him that aren't afraid to give him tough love.

Mike transitioned through Florida's foster care system with a Guardian ad Litem, retired attorney Harold Turk, who advocated for him with regard to education, money and housing matters. Most of all, Harold continues to serve as a caring mentor that volunteers time with Mike. Although Mike was under a very restrictive legal Guardianship, he listened to wise counsel and got referred to Amanda Heystek, an innovative attorney with Disability Rights Florida.

There is great synergy with a young man who wants to make good decisions, friends and family who support him, plus two tough lawyers committed to help Mike navigate the system to chart new waters. In episode 81, Mike's story will inspire anyone who feels trapped by their circumstances and motivate those who want to make a difference in young people's lives!

Nov 23, 2016

As we approach the US Thanksgiving Day Celebration, we have an opportunity to reflect on special moments in our lives as we the launch of the Christmas season and plan for the arrival of 2017.

At the same time, many are faced with challenging circumstances which creates a choice... to be thankful for our challenges... or not. Every day we live, we get to make choices about how we respond to everything that happens. In fact, as Dr. Stephen Covey says, that is the root of 'responsibility'... the ability to respond.

Even more than responding in ways that maximize life's adventures, there is an even more important opportunity available to us. We can choose to teach others the lessons we've identified and hopefully learned in both our travails and successes.

Nov 16, 2016

The impact a mentor can have on the life of an apprentice is incalculable. The problem is that many people believe there is only 'luck' involved when finding someone to mentor them. The reality is there are lots of ways to find mentors provided you are willing to be an apprentice... if you have a plan

In Episode 79 you'll meet Steve and Fred Young, two brothers who have had very different careers. Steve's career began as a Naval Officer driving submarines while Fred enlisted in the Marine Corps focusing on advanced computer technology. Steve left the service, got an MBA and law degrees and pursued corporate work. Fred left the Corps and never worked for anyone other than himself.

Together the Young Brothers cast interesting insight into the best ways to understand the opportunities and challenges offered by mentoring and how you can find someone to serve a key role in your life.

Nov 9, 2016

America's 2016 National Election Season is over. Emotions are high and we each have the opportunity to choose how we respond to the national, state and local results. This campaign cycle has been worse than any other in modern history because of the level vitriol and hatred.

In Episode 78 we use a creative metaphor to illustrate a very productive way to drive the best possible results for ourselves, our families and our countrymen... no matter whether your candidates won or lost. 

If we are truly committed to Strengthen America's Economy, United Our Fellow Citizens and Rekindle National Pride, there are three key people who must be involved in the process. Listen to this show to explore ideas to help find and engage these diverse people as we aggressively work to heal of our land while we make our own lives better.

Nov 2, 2016

A powerful small business is like a lighthouse; built on a solid foundation, intensely focused and leads people to safe harbor. To illustrate this metaphor, PATRIOT MISSION Entertainment is producing an short original film to tell the story of entrepreneurship from the perspectives of men and women in the trenches.

To maximize the impact, we decided to go on location and film lighthouses up close and in different settings. In episode 77 you'll meet Shannon O'Neil, the Director of Public Relations at St. Augustine, Florida Lighthouse. You'll discover there is much more here than simply an amazing million-brick constructed signal to sailors built in 1874.

Capturing the the amazing vantage point of a historical site requires a keen eye from an experience Hollywood quality Director as well as the skills of a talented Director of Photography. You'll meet Alan Peterson of Flying Leap Films and Jeff Lambright who give us a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to plan and produce powerful motion pictures on location.

NOTE: Hurricane Mathew's impact is still impacting St. Augustine. The phone lines were still offline during the remote broadcast so the first couple minutes of cell coverage were shaky, but improved for the balance of the show. Enjoy!

Oct 26, 2016

According to research from MBA economist Doug O’Bryon, "America's ongoing structural challenges, including the skills gap, unemployment, underemployment, outsourcing, outdated educational model, student debt, and skyrocketing  poverty are all integrated - requiring a structural integrated solution."

In Episode 76,  Doug tackles these problems head-on via his latest book, "Specialist Nation: A Survival Guide for America", and outlines a road-map for positioning the U.S. to successfully compete in the global marketplace through the strategic reinvestment of what he's coined our "Productivity Dividend."

A fearless provocateur, he candidly attacks the root of our problem, stating, "Our educational system is graduating class after class of broad, shallow generalists, while employers are increasingly seeking highly focused, subject matter experts," before offering strategies for how to best specialize - and succeed - as a company,  a country, or in your career.  Be sure to add this insightful, entertaining, counter-cultural "can't put down" book to your library; Specialist Nation!

Oct 19, 2016

Have you ever hear this definition of FEAR? FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL

For many people, fear has a paralyzing impact on their lives. Hurricane Matthew provided a tangible example of how fear can impact individual families, businesses, states and nations. To be sure, Matthew's impact was catastrophic for some and could have been much worse for others.

The FEAR of the storm made the reality much worse for many people. The best part of hurricanes, as opposed to other types of natural disasters, is the time to prepare. That's not the case with earthquakes, tornadoes, and flash floods for example. The question we must answer before any storm (weather, personal, business or political) is how will we choose to react?

There are very specific ways you can decide in advance how these tumultuous events will impact you and your family. Even in the worst case scenarios, when you go through a mental and physical preparation process, your life will be better. Episode 75 will drill into ways you can prepare for any storm in life!


Oct 5, 2016

A common refrain heard across America is that nothing is manufactured in our country anymore. It used to be that MADE IN THE USA was standard and everyone else around the world was trying to catch up. It is certainly true that with advances in technology, emerging markets and over-regulation in the US, we face serious challenges with manufacturing at home.

The good news is there are companies with a vision to make products on our shores who are undaunted by the struggles with figuring out how to make it happen. In Episode 74, you'll meet Brad Houshour, a founding partner in MAN MUG. A former Marine, Brad and his team are manufacturing a first-of-its-kind double walled Stainless Steel mug here in  the USA.

Learn how this vision came to be, the steps they have taken to find a manufacturing partner and what it's like to be leading an exciting effort to create a great product here at home. You'll also learn about their Kickstarter campaign to pre-sell their MAN MUGS (just in time for Christmas)! Click here to see.

Sep 28, 2016

When you decide to launch a business, there is normally a lot of excitement and big thinking. This is especially true if you have done your homework, sought wise counsel and prepared a long term business plan with good benchmarks. When you run on raw emotion, your thrill is likely to be tempered with anxiety, and for good reason.

Thinking a business through is crucial. Don't live in the land of platitudes about getting rich quick or being the next monster company in your space, etc. The truth is that most companies don't succeed, which is why we are so fervent in our belief that mentoring and apprenticeship are important.

In episode 73, we take a look at what happens when doubt begins to creep into your mind (no matter how well you prepare). What do you do when you start to have second thoughts or question your assumptions, advice or a thousand other variables? As you listen to this show, you'll get some sure fire ways to beat back the doubt demons and rest in the fact you can make a difference

Sep 21, 2016

In recent shows, we have made the analogy that a powerful small business is like a lighthouse because it's build on a solid foundation, intensely focused and leads people to safe harbor. In Episode 72, we will use the lighthouse analogy to examine what it means when launching a new company.

What happens when you have a new idea? How do you make sure it's build on a solid foundation? It's important to look at a practical application in your own mind starting with an idea, concept or strategy. Will this be a great small business... or not? 

There are several critical rules of engagement to understand when it comes to implementing a new idea. Some people believe they can create a fast-moving business and circumvent the rules of growth. You'll learn there are only two things that happen fast. Tune in and please share this with fellow entrepreneurs!

Sep 14, 2016

Looking back at the 15 years since our nation was attacked by radical Islamic Terrorists on 9/11/2001, America still faces challenges which go far beyond killing terrorists and teaching our fellow citizens you can't negotiate with evil. However, looking across the harbor from the new Freedom Tower standing at 1776 feet, the Statue of Liberty helps answer the question.

Did you know that in addition to inspiring our citizens and welcoming visitors, Lady Liberty originally served as a navigation aid to guide ships into New York Harbor?

Think of the Statue of Liberty as a Patriot Lighthouse and consider three of her most powerful characteristics. (A patriot is defined as a person who loves his or her country and its interests with devotion.) In Episode 70 we will look at three specific characteristics of a Patriot Lighthouse that apply to Lady Liberty, to our businesses and our homes.

Sep 7, 2016

Time is the most valuable commodity we have. It's almost a cliche to say, but sadly many people don't think about it until we are smacked in the face with an event that ends time for a friend, family member or colleague.

In Episode 70, we examine two of the worst words in the English language; IF ONLY. The key to understanding time is to actively plan how you use it. There are simple ways to plan your week to make sure the most important blocks are scheduled to their highest and best use.

Do you treat your time like the most valuable asset in your investment portfolio or a commodity that you burn on a daily basis? The way you treat your time will have a tremendous impact on everyone around you and the productivity of your business interests.

Aug 31, 2016

In many communities, the tension between politicians and business owners in palpable. That's NOT the case in Morrisville, North Carolina, a suburb of the Research Triangle area.  In Episode 69 you'll meet Mayor Pro Tem Steve Rao and business owner Nathan Click.

Mayor Rao outlined his development strategy both as a part time public official, full time business professional in the tech sector and family man. Steve explained the importance of understanding the community and the needs of the local businesses. Learn how the Mayor Pro Tem is able to leverage the needs of his town with those of neighboring communities.

Nathan Click is the President of Pearl Financing which serves small to medium size companies' capital needs nationwide. After completing his services as Air Force officer, Nate got bit by the entrepreneurial bug and started his own firm. Nate and Steve have a great working relationship and work hard to serve Morrisville.

Aug 24, 2016

Understanding the economy requires being able to look at it from different angles. Those who own, operate or support the entrepreneurial community are working inside the small business ecosystem. Are you inside or outside the ecosystem?

Employment is a crucial issue in today's economy. Currently about 1/3 of our national population (110 Million) is either out of the work force (94 Million) or unemployed (16 Million). Think about that... 1 of every 3 Americans is facing very difficult financial circumstances. What is your role in the economy? 

How do we encourage people who really need employment options? Sadly, many have never been encouraged to look at their circumstances from a different vantage point. We can help people understand how to play a direct role in the business ecosystem by giving them a clear look at the value they bring to the market.


Aug 17, 2016

Our lives are like a story that plays out every day. Understanding the importance of your own narrative and how to leverage your personal experience to impact others is crucial. You have a lot of influence both in terms of the way you live your life and the example you set.

When you look at America's story, it's important to learn from the positive and negative episodes, just like in your own life. How many people do you know that tell an exciting narrative about their lives on social medial? People lives seem pretty amazing; fun times, travel, smiles, and the like. Do you think that is the whole story? Not by a long shot.

Once you have a clear view of your story, both personally and professionally, what do you do when there is an opportunity to share your experiences? How do you do so with humility and encouragement? In Episode 67, you'll learn a simple tool to relate to others in a way that can easily make your story matter.

Aug 10, 2016

Do you have a warrior spirit? Many of us have a passion for an exceptional America and find it increasingly difficult to find kindred spirits who understand what this truly means. The idea we are bragging misses the point completely. America is exceptional because 'We the People' are in charge.

Rebuilding America through The POWER of Small Business means we must strengthen the economy, unite our citizens and rekindle national pride. How we do that in a non-partisan, free market model is central to today's announcement.

We are building a massive national movement that requires partnering with inspired leaders in local, state and national markets, challenging local communities to work together in creative ways and finally by producing results. To learn how you can help and be part of this movement, listen to today's show and join us!

Jul 27, 2016

When does a business owner get involved in politics and why? Joe Semprevivo has owned a very profitable, multinational corporation for nearly three decades. Today, if he and his family wanted to start it from scratch, they couldn't do it with all the rules and regulations necessary to comply with multiple federal, state and local agencies.

At a young age, Joe learned about the importance of public service. He volunteered to serve in President Reagan as an intern and finished ahead of 3000 other applicants for the coveted position. Since then, Joe has balanced his professional life as an entrepreneur with his public service. 

In Episode 65, you'll learn why it is crucial to understand how politics really works and how to get involved in a practical way in your community. Even if you don't have time to figure out how everything works, Joe explains how to ask the right questions so you can make good decisions according to your personal values when you go to the polls.

Jul 14, 2016

Teamwork is crucial to building any successful venture, whether it's in the military, small business, big company or non-profit organization. Teamwork is expressed in many different ways, but to create maximum impact you must understand how to attain high-performance. That's easier said than done. How do you do it?

Rob Teschner and Jeremy Durtschi have been teammates for over twenty five years. They were US Air Force Academy classmates, both flew F15 Eagles and eventually served as the top 2 leaders of a combat-ready, F22 Raptor Squadron. Since the Raptor is the most sophisticated fighter aircraft ever built, it's safe to say these two guys understand high performance.

How can you adapt the lessons of supersonic, high-altitude teamwork to create a culture of leadership and operational excellence at every level of your organization? You'll get a taste of that journey on Episode 64 as Rob & Jeremy help you discover VMAX!

Jul 6, 2016

Michael E. Gerber is an icon in the entrepreneurial world and has invested decades pursuing his passion of "Bringing the Dream Back to American Small Business." INC Magazine called Michael The World's #1 Small Business Guru. I've had the privilege to call him friend, mentor, confidant and PATRIOT MISSION Board member.

Michael wrote the groundbreaking NY Times Bestselling E-MYTH Revisited which helped millions of entrepreneurs learn how to create businesses that would give us more life rather than drain our very life from us. Michael's started a turnkey revolution helping transform best practices for building, growing and selling small companies.

As he moves briskly into his eighth decade, Michael is has come full circle to help every man and woman on the planet begin to build what he calls, 'An Economy of One.' In Episode 63, Michael shares why we must begin this process (no matter where we are on the journey) with a blank piece of paper and a beginner's mind.

Jun 29, 2016

You've probably heard the adage that it's critical to know your numbers. This is true whether you want to balance your budget, increase your personal financial strength or develop a business. Your numbers include much more than financial statements. Knowing which metrics to track is the beginning of wisdom.

In Episode 62, Steve Young shares his experience as a Fortune 20 Senior Executive, Attorney, Start-Up Incubator Advisor and Entrepreneur. Steve describes the importance of knowing your strengths and weaknesses in order to effectively identify your best role either working for, managing or owning a business.

What is the key to raising capital for your company? Whether you are a business of one or a fast growing venture with dozens of employees, it's crucial to look at your company through an investor's eyes. How does an investor look at a business? Listen and learn.

Jun 22, 2016

What does it really take to look at the person in the mirror and get them to take action? In Episode 61, you'll meet recently retired US Air Force Major General Joe Balskus who will introduce you to his proprietary program called "Know Yourself to Lead Yourself."

In his 35 years of serving America at many levels of command, Joe has come to understand cornerstone elements that every person, regardless of age or background, must know to have a creative and productive life.

This podcast will help you understand five personal focus points that you need to master as you start your day.You learn how to leverage your morning activity into a very productive day, week, and ultimately a successful life.

You are also welcome to submit a question to Joe for his review and comment in the upcoming advanced webcast.Click here to submit a question to Joe;

Jun 15, 2016

On June 12, 2016 America suffered the worst mass shooting in our history at the hands of a radical Islamic Terrorist in an Orlando nightclub. At this moment in history, American politicians are suffering from a serious lack of historical understanding.

Multiple times throughout America's history, we have had to contend with radical religions whose goal was to destroy our way of life. The difference between then and now is how America chose to deal with the offenders. In Episode 60, you'll meet Dr. Larry Schweikart, a #1 NY Times Bestselling Author who walks us through examples from the past and present in a unique and compelling way.

Dr. Schweikart examines 'alternative history,' which means looking at events as if they had gone differently. We drill down into specific historical examples, including one in Larry's recently published book "Halsey's Bluff,' where Dr. Schweikart examines what might have been in the Battle of Midway. Most importantly, he helps us apply historical lessons that can help American families make good decisions for our future.

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