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Welcome to The POWER of Small Business! The only program dedicated to inspiring DEBT FREE small business start-ups and motivating experienced entrepreneurs with real life stories from the trenches. Join your fellow free enterprise enthusiasts as we strengthen the Backbone of America!
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Welcome to The POWER of Small Business!

The only program dedicated to inspiring DEBT FREE small business start-ups and motivating experienced entrepreneurs with real life stories from the trenches.

Join your fellow free enterprise enthusiasts as we strengthen the Backbone of America!

Jun 8, 2016

In this day and age we hear a lot about our 'rights.' In the Declaration of Independence, our inalienable rights of LIFE, LIBERTY and The PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS cannot be separated from you. This is very rare because it is based on the idea that these are God given, not government given.

In Episode 59, we review the details related to Personal Property Rights. What does that really mean? Personal Property includes ideas that you create, also known as intellectual property. That is the basis of patent law and why you can think up a new idea and benefit from it financially.

Small business can have a powerful impact on your financial status because you have the legal authority, granted to you by the US Constitution, to think of something unique, validate it, protect it, market it, sell it.. and create massive profits along the way. All this hinges on protecting our Personal Property.

Jun 1, 2016

Before we drill into the main content on this program, we do a look back at Memorial Day and examine why it is such a unique and important day. More and more citizens are beginning to understand the massive cost associated with the 1.3 million Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice.

In Episode 58, we look at what happens when arbitrary decisions are made that impact small business. There is a big discussion about raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. People are bad-mouthing small business owners, when they should be hammering the politicians who prefer sounding good on TV while knowingly killing jobs and putting people out of work.

While politicians are slamming small businesses with more regulations, the rest of us are looking for reasons to help. Listen and learn three specific ways anyone can inspire entrepreneurs, employees and their families to keep their chins up at the same time.


May 18, 2016

In recent podcasts, we've spoken about the value of being grateful in challenging circumstances and how you get stronger when your attitude is right. We've spoken about the additional burden leaders carry to network at a high level with others who have faced incredible challenges, so we can learn from them. Today's show will serve you well.

We face challenges MAKING AMERICA STRONG AGAIN because we must strengthen the economy and unite our fellow citizens. Imagine we also had to contend with 1500% hyper-inflation, the government taking over private businesses, rolling power outages, a potential military coups, riots in the streets and having to spend an average of 4 hours a day scavenging stores to feed your family. Welcome to Caracas, Venezuela... 2016.

In Episode 57, you'll meet an amazing man, Luis Vicente Garcia, a long time friend, best selling author, Georgetown University educated Economist with an MBA and decades of high level business experience... who is building his coaching business from Caracas to serve the Latin American market. Luis' grateful attitude and focus in the face of calamity is amazing. To learn more, click here to go to

May 11, 2016

Small business professionals, along with the rest of the 7 Billion people on the planet, only have 24 hours in a day to fit everything in. What's the real opportunity cost when owners and employees invest a lot of time in non-productive work, simply to comply with rules and regulations? Productivity drops, costs increase, profit shrinks.

In the last several years, there has been an alarming statistic that documents the number of small business starts in the United States is lower than the number of failures. This means that failed businesses are outpacing startups, which by itself can be explained in a number of ways.

The overarching concern is the amount of time that compliance, regulatory requirements and taxes steal from business operations, especially for new companies. What is the potential upside if we could creatively free up some of the lost time? What could the impact be on small business productivity and entrepreneurial success? In Episode 56, we drill down and ask that question... and discover some insightful answers.

May 4, 2016

In the previous two episodes, we've discussed the importance in having an attitude of gratitude and how to use it to overcome challenges. Now we drill down and look at how to apply the same spirit to begin to solve bigger problems, especially those which concern our nation as a whole.

If you are going to play a role in MAKING AMERICA STRONG AGAIN, what are the characteristics of the team you'll need to have in place to make it happen? In Episode 55, we examine the characteristics of those people who have the right stuff to take on mediocrity and drive change. While it begins with a similar attitude, that's only the beginning...

In today's show, you'll learn four specific points of common ground, your fellow patriots share as well as one fundamental objective they all have. You'll also discover why you must decide sooner rather than later which path you will choose; lead, follow or get out of the way.

Apr 27, 2016

How do you deal with frustration? Sometimes in order to take on life's challenges, we need to take another vector. When you are at your breaking point, are you grateful for the problem that is in your face? This may sound a bit counter intuitive, but this is a key factor in finding the best solutions to life's unexpected opportunities.

In Episode 54, we explore a number of key elements to using the secret weapon of "Gratitude" to take on the most severe challenges. You'll also learn who you should bring into your inner circle to help you handle the issues... and why it's important to leave certain people out of the discussion.

There are a number of essential resources available at your fingertips. Learn how to avoid the "self-medication" that will keep you off target and mired in your challenges.

Apr 20, 2016

Have you ever worked with someone who just seems to always have a bad attitude? How does it make you feel? Inspired? Motivated? Not quite. Conversely, if you've worked in an environment where people were excited to work together, serve their customer and make a difference, the atmosphere is completely different.

In episode 53, we drill down into the benefits of choosing to find reasons to be thankful for your circumstances (including working with people that try your patience). There is tremendous power in choosing to be grateful for all things and it may surprise you to see how it influences others.

In business, it's important to be thankful for your customers and team members who work inside the organization. Many companies focus only on thanking the people with which they exchange dollars for a product or service. However, when you apply the same grateful attitude to your internal customer, the results can be magical.

Apr 13, 2016

Are you a PATRIOT? What is the definition of a patriot? It may not be what you think. 

What troubles most patriotic Americans? The economy? Actually, what challenges most people is their own individual economy. In other words, people are very concerned with their own financial position. They are concerned with having a place to turn and get answers that help them keep their family safe and create a solid future for their kids and grand-kids. 

Have you ever asked yourself what you can do for you family, RIGHT NOW, that will really make a difference? Furthermore, when you take action that supports your family, what's the impact on your community and the nation? Most people never consider the ripple effect. In episode 52, you'll be surprised to learn how you can take simple steps that will make a big difference.


Apr 6, 2016

Why do some organizations accomplish their mission while other teams experience mistrust, low energy and high turnover? Do you ever wonder why some companies and non-profit organizations attract, engage and retain first class talent while others always seem to be looking for new employees and staff?

The quick answer is many  business owners and managers give to explain this challenge is that good people are in short supply. On the other hand, qualified job seekers lament that after putting out endless resumes, it's nearly impossible to get a personal response in this digital age and they don't know how to stand out in a sea of competition. These frustrations also extends to volunteer organizations.

The solution is requires a paradigm shift... both for the leader and team member.

Whether you are an employer or prospective staff member (W-2, 1099 or volunteer), the secret to fun, rewarding and profitable work is available to you. Any organization that will simply look at their team and their mission in a slightly different way, can experience a breakthrough.

Listen to today's episode and discover the mind-shift that will make it happen!

Mar 30, 2016

What makes sports such a big draw? Is it the game itself, the skills of top athletes or the thrill of Victory? Perhaps what keeps the attention of sports enthusiasts is the drama of overcoming the challenges to winning. How do championship teams battle the "red zone" or equivalent stress points in a competitive sport?

Winners learn how to assess, embrace and overcome adversity. Top Performers first accept responsibility for their circumstances, WHETHER IT WAS THEIR FAULT OR NOT! Losers get very good at blaming everyone else for their problems and never look in the mirror for accountability. We chose this pivotal subject for our 50th episode because it represents the difference between winning and losing.

There is a massive mind-shift required from the worldly, victim view toward the elite world of success. In this context, elite does not refer to snob status, birthright or some superior class, but rather a personal state of mind. What does it mean to be an elite performer? When you work harder than anyone else; when you personally own the challenges before you; when you to refuse to quit until you WIN... then you are in an elite class.

Mar 23, 2016

In the politically charged, smoke-filled air following the Brussels terror attack, we examine times in American History when we were really a United States. Episode 49 looks at the challenges we face with a weak economy, divided America and fading national pride.

It used to be said that Politics ended at the water's edge. This is not true anymore. When we listen to the words of our political, business and education leaders and it's clear why. Our Founders warned us what would happen if we didn't stay grounded in the LIBERTY principles that created America in the first place.

Americans who are standing together to focus on MAKING AMERICA STRONG AGAIN have the opportunity to restore the nation. There are essential elements world-class teams have when focused on a professional outcome.

These people who start with common interest, build passion, work together and put in the time to make it work. Listen to this podcast and you'll understand why we say you are the Backbone of America.

Mar 16, 2016

When you are motivated to think big thoughts and dream BIG DREAMS, do you ever get stuck moving into action?

In Episode 47 we talked about getting the leverage on ourselves necessary to take the risk to go forward. Especially while we are driving toward a momentous decision, or what we call our APOLLO 13 moment, it is crucial to know WHY we are pursuing a BIG DREAM.

There is a process to effectively decide how much time and other resources you should dedicate to your idea. As a leader in pursuit of an innovative concept, your success will depend on your ability to enlist the support of others for whom your dream is also meaningful to them. Learning how to serve others while pursuing your goals is an important, albeit rare, skill.

It's also important to know when it's time to let a dream go. There is no shame in pursing an idea that doesn't work... but you need to know how to far to go.

Mar 9, 2016

In last week's program, we worked through the characteristics of innovative decision makers. In Episode 47, we will explore what happens when you make a decision to move out on a new, innovative idea. When you decide to execute, you need to be prepared, as the proverbial notion goes, for the unexpected.

Even for those organized leaders who have a good strategic planning process, it is tough to predict curve balls. However, it's even harder to predict the impossible scenarios that have very little chance of impacting your innovative action plan. What happens when you are faced with 'IMPOSSIBLE' odds?

You can look back at many examples in history, like APOLLO 13, when the odds of success have been virtually nil... and yet, that which seemed IMPOSSIBLE... suddenly comes to fruition. How does that happen? How can you be ready to overcome challenges that would knock most weak leaders to the ground, never to stand again?

Mar 2, 2016

In episode 46 we'll drill down into challenges facing innovating decision makers. Suppose you are a successful business person and someone comes to you with an idea they say will be great for your business. The guy with the brilliant idea wants you to be the lead dog. You're told the idea, plan and deliverables are solid.

For some people, this scenario raises dozens of red flags and for other people, it's a good opening-opportunity salvo. The difference in perspectives comes from the way leaders make decisions when faced with innovative ideas. Do you know what questions you would ask the purveyor of the new idea?

Most people are not hard-wired risk takers. They prefer to be the 2nd, 3rd, or 25th person to make a move. What are the characteristics of the innovator and how can you tap into the benefits of being on the leading edge without being reckless? Learn about the principles of teamwork, due diligence and other key decision-making principles.

Feb 24, 2016

Joe McCreight, a long-time Florida native, now residing in Switzerland, joins his old Air Force colleague, host Steve Olds, for episode 45. Joe served as an intelligence officer for 4 years, then worked in the financial industry as a sales professional. For the past 17 years, he has applied his sales expertise with a company on the Pharmaceutical industry.

Joe attended the University of Maryland and ultimately earned a Masters degree in international relations. Then, he pursued a completed a Doctorate in international Business. Joe says his military background served him well in the business world. He talks about how living overseas has been an experience of many trade-offs and expansion of perspectives. His collaborative team is composed of individuals from many nations.

Joe has observed bias from the international team he works with - in the way they tend to see Americans. He says they tend to view Americans generally as drivers and great public speakers. This is one of the fascinating stereotypes that Joe has observed as an American working overseas. You’ll find this episode and Joe’s international perspective on Americans and their view of American business at large.

Feb 17, 2016

There's a sense in America, that right now, we CAN focus on activities that can truly  improve our economy. Social Security Administration stats indicate that 50% of American's earn less than $30,000 per year.  

We need a spirit of improvement, each of us, as individual Americans. But what is one of the key factors and activities needed to transform, improve and rebuild our nation? Mentoring.

May times, when facing challenges in our careers or even in our lives, in the heat of battle, when self-doubt sets in, we forget that seeking a mentor can help.

Steve shares a story - a serious challenge he faced en route to a combat mission during desert storm during a mission critical refuling operation.

The real lesson came after the mission encounter on the deck. Steve's mentor asked Steve what was really goin on in his mind. Through a serious of questions and multiple iterative discussions, his mentor helped him solve problem by drilling down: "What was the real problem?" 

Steve learned many things from this experience. At the top of the list, he learned how to open his mind and heart to be able to take feedback and input. Resistence can be a real challenge when it comes to growth.

In our country, today, we hear so much blame in the rhetoric. Pointing fingers. Excuses. Distractions. Tangential’s. This behavior runs up against solving any problems or challenges. It runs up against truly understanding the root cause of any problem - that which can be so effectively solved though the process of mentorship.

When it comes to mentoring, really look at the scope of the task at hand for the mentoree. Set boundaries and clarity around expectations. Establish them clearly. Be sure to put clear definition and direction around goals of the mentoring mission. And be sure to measure the results as you go, and grow.

Feb 10, 2016

Inspiration begins with you. People in America are begging for They are open to many suggestions, but so many of the facts are simply not rooted in factual capabilities that would lead to success. 

Feedback (the proverbial breakfast of champions) is essential to becoming a success. And, performing at the top requires that you THINK DIFFERENTLY. How many Americans really believe their vote will make a difference? Do we really understand what the intentions of the forefathers of our nation truly were?

When you look at your life - are you choosing the easy road, or choosing a meaningful, thoughtful road - questioning and really drilling down into how to Make America Strong again? Look carefully at the impact of the work you do? Are you satisfied? Or can you do better? Are you looking in the mirror? Are you stepping up your game?

How do you rise to become a true champion? Are you willing to do the work? If so - where do you start? Surround yourself with champions and you will begin the process to discover, to truly understand what being a champion looks like. And for America - what does it mean to operate like a Champion? It's starts with a decision.

Feb 3, 2016

Education. If you want to up your game, get stronger, get smarter and achieve success in your life, it all starts with a thought, a commitment, a decision.

In this episode, Steve Olds offers insights on how to focus, build a successful life and top performing business by approaching everything you do with a thirst for  pursuing knowledge capital as a lifetime learner.

There are a number of ways to define success.

Getting honest feedback and getting an objective view of your own progress and activities is essential to getting better in everything you do. It's essential to constantly improving.

You must apply the lessons learned in everything you do. You want to get stronger by creating a continuous cycle of success.

If you are committed to being a top performer, you will naturally attract top performers around you.  A strong team working together, can be a major driver to operating at the highest level possible.

Make a decision and commitment today to be a world class operator in everything you do!

Here's to your success.

Jan 27, 2016

Management Consultant and Investment Expert Steve Young joins Steve Olds this week. He's also a Navy Officer and the CFO and General Counsel for Patriot Mission.

Many business owners have little clue about the economics or financial aspects of their business. But how can we as entrepreneurs "get smart" about how money really moves, really works in their business?

In their own consulting practice, Steve Young and his brother Fred help business owners "get things done" from a planning perspective. He says, entrepreneurs need to know where they are coming from and where you're going. They need to assess their strengths, weaknesses and determine if their idea "will sell" in the market.

Steve and his brother like to determine how "coach-able" a business owner is. Can they be truly objective about their own performance?  Can they look at their own business from an investor's point of view?

There are many tools available to help them measure. They must step back and determine the metrics or key goals - and what questions to be asking. They must learn to think like an investor.

Enjoy Steve Young's experience and insights on this episode.

Here's to your success!

Jan 20, 2016

In Episode 40, we examine the keys to overcoming the all-to-common pitfalls in the new year goal setting process. What results do most people's New Year's Resolutions yield? FAILURE. Why? Typically, New Year's goals are based on emotional ideas that feel good, especially when they are established while drinking a pricey class of champagne.

Here's the challenge. Like any other strategic objective in any organization, you must have a well thought out plan to accomplish your goals. In his international best-seller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Dr. Stephen R. Covey maps out several very important elements necessary for accomplishing your goals. We'll review these ideas.

It's important to understand the relationship between the roles in your life and specific goals. Dr. Covey explains the importance of weekly planning and how to think through your schedule with a specific emphasis on goals. If you want to effectively accomplish powerful goals in 2016, you'll enjoy this podcast!

Jan 6, 2016

Welcome to 2016! As is usually the case, ringing in the new year means pursuing exciting personal, family & future goals and resolutions. If you have kids or grand-kids, do you ever wonder how they see the future? Do young people, who are the future of our nation, understand the precipice upon which America now stands?

In our first episode of 2016, you'll meet Sarah Cruz. Sarah's a college graduate with a bachelor's degree in organizational management. She has managed retail stores with as many as 60 employees and is now pursuing another degree in healthcare. Sarah is rare among her peers because she understands and supports the 'MAKING AMERICA STRONG AGAIN' movement.

During this thought provoking discussion, you'll learn why. We'll learn not only what Sarah thinks, but we'll discover how her peers view the economy,  terrorism, politics, apprenticeship, entrepreneurship, leadership and America's future. This will give you a very interesting perspective and is a great way to kickoff 2016!

Dec 30, 2015

As we wind down a very productive 2015, it's time to pull out the journal and review our goals. Have you ever wondered why most people set goals and rarely achieve them? There are so many gurus, experts and guides who claim to have the goal setting 'secret sauce,' yet America still seems to come up woefully.

In simple terms, the POWER behind goal setting is directly connected to the reasons why the goal is important to you. The question is, "How do you find the POWER to drive your goals into reality?"

During episode 38, we'll drill down into several very simple exercises you can apply to your Goal Setting so that 2016 becomes a year of dreams manifesting in your life. Learn how you and your family can connect to goals on a much deeper level and how your clarity can be a massive influence in your home, town and across America!

Dec 23, 2015

During most of 2015, we have looked at many challenges facing our nation. While we certainly have a number of important issues with which to contend, we also have enormous blessings for which we can be tremendously thankful.

How do we focus on our giving as we reflect on our blessings? What does is take to express a deep appreciation for our blessings through sacrificial giving? What are good ways to share your gifts with other people?

This time of year is a great opportunity to remember the people who matter most to us and to model 'an attitude of gratitude.' Our attitude will have a big impact on those who look to us for leadership. This is crucial because as we prepare to celebrate Christmas, America can be thankful for the gifts of our Judeo-Christian heritage. Merry Christmas.

Dec 16, 2015

Throughout the last several episodes, we've drilled down into the complexities of bringing battlefield and marketplace warriors together while exploring how we can leverage our mutual strengths. In Episode 36, you will meet US Air Force Colonel Robert Teschner who will officially retire from active service on January 1st, 2016.

Have you ever wondered what inspires a young man to want to "Slip the surly bonds of Earth" and fly the most high performance fighter jets ever invented? (Hint ... it was a movie!) In Colonel Teschner's career, "Cujo" flew the F15 Eagle as a TOP GUN Fighter Weapons School Instructor and commanded an F22 Raptor Squadron.

For soon-to-be veterans peering into the murky world of civilian life, you'll get a bird's eye view of what to expect in your transition. If you are outside active military life, you will get a glimpse of how in today's world we can find common ground with our service veterans and team up in our drive toward MAKING AMERICA STRONG AGAIN!

Dec 9, 2015

Successful Americans are fed up with the massive leadership deficit at all levels of government on both sides of the aisle that has created a Weakened Economy, Divided America and Fading National Pride. Successful Americans do a good job of leading themselves, their families and the organizations with which they associate.

The challenge is that we still have a void in our local areas. How can we create a local leadership culture that penetrates deep into the grassroots of our community? This is an important question because in order to see national restoration, we must first restore the leadership ethic not only in homes, companies and organizations, but in communities at large.

In episode 35 we examine how to build a small group of 12 successful Americans who have each challenged the "Man in the Mirror" to perform at the top of his game. Now the next challenge is coming together as a BOLD team to inspire a culture of leadership deep in the community's grassroots to create massive change.

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